MistyPE 2017/04/01

This is a minimalist 32 or 64-bit WinPE/WinFE with a GUI shell (BBLean - based on BlackBox for Windows) - originally created for system deployment, backup, restore and recovery.

Use this project to create WinPE (version 2.*/3.*/4.0/5.0) in a matter of minutes from Windows installation media - a DVD, local folder, network share or mounted disc image. WAIK/ADK is not required.

There is also an option to collect the necessary files from the host operating system used to run winbuilder - Windows 7/8/8.1 supported. Credit to Erwan.l whose QuickPE project pointed the way to the required commands. This option requires that WinRE be copied from the C: drive - if WinRE was not copied to the C: drive during the Windows install then it won't be possible to use this method.

Project goals -

  1. A successful build every time!
  2. Clean and simple user interface
  3. Good quality instructions

WinBuilder version 82 is included in the download. This project has been tested on Windows Vista (SP1)/7 (SP1)/8/8.1 host Operating Systems and is also reported to be working on Windows XP (SP3).