The SVBus driver has been developed by Kai Schtrom and is available here. Usage includes booting the following versions of Windows from a RAM Disk or a Virtual Disk -

The following versions of Windows Server have not been tested, but should also be supported -

SVBus is a virtual SCSI Driver for use with GRUB4DOS. SVBus can be used to access GRUB4DOS mapped drives from Windows, which includes booting Windows from a virtual disk file or from RAM. This guide will focus on installing Windows to a Virtual Disk and subsequently booting Windows from either a virtual disk or a RAM disk -

Some versions of Windows already support booting from a Virtual Disk following the introduction of Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) Boot in Windows 7. VHD Boot is not supported in all editions of Windows, in Windows 7 for example it is limited to use on Enterprise and Ultimate editions of the Operating System. SVBus can be used as an alternative, however it does have some limitations -

This guide contains instructions for installing the following Windows Operating Systems -


Windows native tools have been used throughout this guide where possible, however the majority of these tools require Windows 7 or newer Operating Systems. The Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) can be used as an alternative, and is available as a free download from Microsoft via the Windows Assement and Deployment Kit (see here). WinPE version 3 or newer is required.

Document date - 29th June 2019