Video Clips

The following video clips were captured from a Mini-WinFE build. As the Mini-WinFE project is based on MistyPE the guides are still relevant and may help answer any questions you may have about using the project.

Clip Link Size Length About
1 here 5.87 MB 3:08 Adding programs to the Program Cache prior to running the build process. Covers all programs not included in the project download package.

2 here 8.69 MB 4:55 First run of the project - Windows source files added to the Cache during the build process.

3 here 7.62 MB 4:27 Using the source file Cache - Windows source files already added to the Cache during a previous run (see clip 2).

4 here 4.54 MB 3:46 Mini-WinFE running in a Virtual Machine (VMWare Workstation) - FTK Imager used to capture an evidence disk.

6 here 16 MB 9:27 Using the Tools > Cache Files script.

Document date - 20th January 2018