Mini-WinFE 2017-04-27

This project is based on MistyPE. It's been scaled down and developed specifically for digital forensics acquisitions. Mini-WinFE has been co-developed with Brett Shavers to facilitate a simplified method for building a Windows Forensic Environment (WinFE).

Full documentation is included in the project download and here.

All you require to create a WinFE in a matter of minutes is the Mini-WinFE download, a Windows Source DVD (or mounted disc image) and any of the third party applications you want to include in the build - the WAIK or ADK is not required.

Supported applications include -

WinBuilder version 82 is included in the download. This project has been tested on Windows Vista (SP1)/7 (SP1)/8/8.1 host Operating Systems and is also reported to be working on Windows XP (SP3).