64-bit Driver Signing

This page does not apply to Windows 2000/XP/2003 as Digital Driver Signing policy is not enforced on Windows NT 5.* systems.

The instructions in this page document installing SVBus in a live/online system. DISM can be used to install the driver in an offline system (see here).

Microsoft introduced a Driver Signing Policy in Windows Vista and later versions of Windows (see here). Unsigned drivers, including the SVBus driver, cannot be installed in 64-bit versions of Windows unless certain settings are changed. The requirement for digitally signed drivers was introduced in 64-bit Windows as a security measure. Unfortunately the costs of obtaining a digital certificate can be prohibitive and the SVBus driver does not have a digital signature.

There are various documented methods for installing drivers without a valid digital signature, however the only reliable method during testing involved completing the following steps BEFORE installing the SVBus Driver -

  1. Edit the system BCD store and set TESTSIGNING ON. After applying this setting the system must be rebooted to apply the change. Following the reboot a Test Mode watermark will appear on the desktop.
  1. After checking the Test Mode setting was applied correctly in step 1 > reboot the PC and press the F8 key to enter the Advanced Boot Options menu > select Disable Driver Signature Enforcement. Tip - pressing the F8 key at the right time can be difficult - to automatically display the Advanced Boot Options menu at start-up, edit the BCD store and set ADVANCEDOPTIONS YES -
  1. Install the SVBus driver following the instructions in the Add Hardware Wizard section of this guide.
  1. If the BCD store was modified in step 2 with the ADVANCEDOPTIONS YES option added, disable this option by running the bcdedit command with ADVANCEDOPTIONS NO - the Advanced Boot Options > Disable Driver Signature Enforcement is only required when installing the driver.

NOTE - Test Mode (BCD > TESTSIGNING ON) MUST be left enabled in order for the SVBus driver to be loaded.

A 64-bit signed driver has been compiled by forum member Yamingw. This signed driver does not require that TESTSIGNING is enabled, however Advanced Boot Options > Disable Driver Signature Enforcement is still required when installing the driver. The signed driver is available here (and for convenience is also available here). I am not able to verify whether this file has been modified.

The SVBus driver can be installed to an offline system using the DISM tool. E.g. -

Document date - 29th June 2019