Add Hardware Wizard

The instructions in this page can be used to install the SVBus driver using the Add Hardware Wizard - use to install SVBus to a running Windows NT 6.* or 10.* Host Operating System. A possible usage scenario might be preparing an existing VHD Native Boot setup for RAM booting.

NOTE - the screenshots in this section are from a Windows 8.1 Update system - the Add Harware Wizard may differ on other versions of Windows.

Before attempting to install the SVBus driver on a 64-bit Operating System, ensure that TESTSIGNING is enabled and select the F8 Advanced Options Disable Driver Signature Enforcement boot menu option (see here).

Open the Add Hardware Wizard - open a run dialog and enter hdwwiz, then click on the OK button -

Welcome to the Add Hardware Wizard - click on Next -

Select Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced), then click on Next -

Select Storage controllers from the list, then click on Next -

When prompted to Select the device driver you want to install for this hardware, select Have Disk... -

Install from Disk > Browse... (and browse to svbus.inf) > OK -

The SVBus Virtual SCSI Host Adapter should be displayed in the Model area > Next > -

Hardware to install: - SVBus Virtual SCSI Host Adapter should be displayed > Next > -

A warning will be displayed as the SVBus driver is unsigned. Select Install this software anyway -

Finish -

Document date - 29th June 2019