Windows To Go is officially supported on Enterprise and Education editions of Windows 8,8.1 and 10 and can be activated via KMS (Key Management Server) - activating Windows To Go for 180 days of roaming. Windows To Go can then be reactivated using a Key Management Server whenever required - resetting the activation period for another 180 days. Note that any third party software that is locked to hardware activation is unlikely to work if using Windows To Go on a different device.

Although non-Enterprise/Education editions of Windows can be used to create an unofficial Windows To Go, these installations are likely to be locked to the hardware they were activated on - reducing the roaming potential.

The screenshots below were taken from a running Windows To Go activated via KMS (the Windows 8.1 installation completed in Walkthrough 3) - note that Windows remains activated despite running on three different devices -

Windows To Go running on a Thinkpad X260 laptop.

The same Windows To Go running on a Dell Latitude laptop.

Windows To Go running on a Thinkpad X61 laptop.

Document date - 6th July 2022