Please note that the screenshots below were captured from MistyPE and will differ slightly in Mini-WinFE.

Mini-WinFE uses the WinBuilder engine - a flexible scripting environment that is used to automate a number of tasks to create a working WinPE.

WinBuilder Basics

Before running WinBuilder please be aware that, in the Mini-WinFE project, the following project directory (and sub directories) will, if they exist, be deleted during the start of the build process (Note - %BaseDir% is a WinBuilder variable for the folder from which WinBuilder.exe is running).

- %BaseDir%\WinFE.Project.Output\

  1. When WinBuilder.exe is first run, you should see a screen similar to the following (the folder tree on the left can be expanded so that individual script options can be selected or disabled as required) -
  1. Click on the Source button to set the path to your Windows Installation Media source files -
  1. Click on the folder icon to the right of the Source Directory box to browse to the drive/folder containing your source files -
  1. Click on the Script button to return to script options -
  1. Now expand the folder tree on the left and view and select individual project script options as required (refer to the Project Scripts section for details about all included project scripts) -
  1. To start the build process, click on the big blue Play button in the top right of the screen -
  1. A progress bar will be displayed for individual project scripts as they are processed -
  1. If there are any errors during the build process then view the log file for further information by clicking on the Log button (see below). You can close the log by clicking back on the Script button (to the left of the Log button) -
  1. The source for project scripts can be viewed by clicking on the scripts icon -
  1. This will open a range of options including the built in text editor which is displayed by clicking on the Source button -
  1. Return to the project by clicking on the button in the top right of the screen.


  1. Individual WinBuilder project scripts can contain a range of options. In Mini-WinFE I have attempted to keep the interface as simple as possible and have tried to keep the options to a minimum. Most of the options are set in the main project script and can be viewed by selecting Mini-WinFE at the top of the folder tree and ensuring that the Script view is selected -
  1. To see more information about any of the available options that can be set/changed in the Mini-WinFE project, click on the relevant HELP button -
  1. Selecting HELP for this option will display the following information-

Although most of the options are contained in the main project script, the following scripts also have some options that can be changed by the user -

Document date - 27th April 2017